Sunday, July 7, 2013

Quick Update

I only trained thursday this week because of the holiday ('MURICA!)

Tuesday's class was canceled, because one of our students (a 14-yr old boy) ran away from home. A couple of the instructors are cops who opted to keep looking for him, rather than have class. There was also two massive traffic jams that blocked the back up instructors from getting to class.

Bobby and I were the only ones who showed up on thursday. He's a 4-stripe blue belt that is also a former cage fighter. He keeps skipping his tests for purple, saying he doesn't train enough to be a purple. However, he's pretty badass. We just rolled the whole time, with him giving pointers as we went.  Having a solo session with him was absolutely humbling, astonishing, and I learned quite a bit. I am still sore from it.

I was planning on going to friday and saturday's classes too, but I ended up getting side tracked. No excuses, I just got lazy.

Also, I didn't get to watch the Kennedy vs. Gracie fight, but I wanted to. I'm an Army guy, currently a reservist. Its good to see the military repped in MMA. However, I'm also a BJJ guy. Its good to see a Gracie back in the ring. I wasn't rooting for either, but for both. I was pleased with the results though. It was, supposedly, a close fight. I'll watch it eventually. 

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