Friday, October 4, 2013

Still Training

I haven't written in awhile. I've been very busy. I'm having a rough semester at school. Not rough in the sense that the course work is beyond me. Its just that there is a buttload of it. I'll be so glad when I graduate in May. More time to train BJJ!

I also haven't really had anything specific to say. I've been working on getting better in general, nothing specificly. Our main instructor, a purple belt, had to give up the Wednesday class because his fiancee wanted to spend more time with him. It was taken over by a good blue belt, who specializes no Wednesdays are now no-gi glasses.

I've been averaging two days a week. Its not good, but i've been pretty consistent with it. I want to do three days, but right now it just isn't feasible for me. I've been doing a lot of school work, and my niece is doing basketball right now. I try to go to one of her games per week. Its good to support kids in sports, as opposed to watching them play video games and send text messages.

Last night Paul let one of the other purple belts run a class. I'm not a huge fan of this guy, but it was a decent class. We worked guard passes. This is the same guy who spazzed on me a few weeks ago when a bow and arrow choked him. He's super nice off the mats though. Apparently somebody talked to him about how rough he is, because he made an offhand comment about how one of the other white belts said felt abused by him.

It was a small class, so I got a lot of high level rolling in. Good stuff. I didn't feel like I was doing particularly well, but I managed to hit a lot of escapes and even a few subs. After class both Paul and the other purple belt complimented me, lamenting that I wasn't competing in the local tournament on the 19th.

I'm not really interested in competition though. I don't have a lot of time to train for it, nor am I a really competitive person. Plus, we have a really advanced white belt competing and he's in the same weight class as me (they only have over 180 and under 180 lbs). We have another white belt, curt, competing as well. He's like 250 now, and has been training his ass off. I think those two will represent the school just fine :)

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