Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It Has Been Over A Month Since My Last Confession

Dear Diary,
Quick Update: I'm still training, but not very much. This semester has been so hard on me that I've had to sacrifice mat time for book time. The good news is that I graduate May 10th, as magna cum laude bachelor degree from EKU. I feel so relieved, but I'm going to my phat GI Bill check at the beginning of every month. The extra money has allowed me to be a little frivolous...so maybe its good that its going away :P

BJJ-wise, I'm still improving, albeit a bit slowly. We're having an evaluation this weekend, where I'm likely to get my third stripe. Brian usually does testing for us every six months or so, meaning I'm likely still a year away from my blue belt. My goal is to get my bluebelt before next march, which marks my 2 year point in BJJ. If I don't, I won't sweat it. I've really just been working on sweeps and improving position.

I have recently found myself much more "dangerous" to people I haven't ever been a threat to before. Certain people I still can't touch, but others I am able to, with difficulty, submit. I love seeing improvements in my game, and I've found myself getting creative with sweeps. I've also been working on some lapel use, mainly because I have weak grips and I'm trying to improve that. I have so much I want to experiment with that I don't have time to work on it all, especially with my heavy schedule.

Anyways, I'm just checking in. I'm still alive and kickin' (or choking, since this shit ain't TKD!).

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