Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I'm a shitty blogger. I just don't have a lot of time for this shit. I'm not quitting though.

So, where have I been? Mainly not training as much as I'd like. I'm still getting 2-3 session a week, which works for me. Last week, I didn't go at all because I had some sort of weird rash on my arm. I think it is some allergic reaction, but I don't want somebody to get some sort of necrosis because of me. I'm starting back tonight.

I have made A LOT of progress in my jiu jitsu game since my last post. I've traveled, and trained with new people. I've started getting the hang of takedowns and having an active guard. I've gotten pretty decent at sweeps. I still suck at finishing people, but i'm cool with that. A couple months ago, I was honored to receive the fourth and final stripe on my white belt. I know that Brian doesn't give that shit out lightly, so I'm very pleased. I also acknowledge that I have a lot of work to do. I think I'm on track to meet my goal of being a blue belt within two years.

Brian noted to Paul that I need to work on scrambles and getting more submissions. I'm decent at surviving, but even against our new, athletic white belts, I have trouble. One thing that Brian seemed to be pleased with was my takedown ability. We're a Carlson School, so he hates to see guard pulling. Honestly, I'm going to be working on my scrambles and submissions, but I'm not too concerned with my progress. For me, progress is having fun. I don't want to fight UFC, and I don't really care about rank. The color of my belt isn't going to change who can and can't submit me.

Realistically though, I know its something that's coming, and I do want to be worthy of that honor. I have also decided that I should at least do one competition at white belt. As such, I'll be doing AGC in Ohio in January. I'm hoping that spurs me to put in the hard work to improve my trouble areas.

In other news, one of the reasons I haven't had time to do BJJ is that we've been having trouble with my daughter. She's two, and doesn't talk at all. For a long time, we hoped that she would talk on her own, and hoped that there wasn't a serious issue. Like most parents, we see the best in her. However, it got to the point that we couldn't ignore that she wasn't like most kids. She doesn't know things most kids know, she doesn't answer to her name or talk, and doesn't play like most kids play.

She was diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, and possibly autism. While we think that this is something that we can definitely overcome, I've had to stay home a little more to help out with her therapies.

I am pleased to say in the past three months she's made IMMENSE progress. I credit some of this to the therapies she's been doing, but also we changed some things. Mainly, we started giving her a fish oil supplement. Within a week of giving her the fish oil, we saw noted improvements in coordination, cognition, and every other developmental area. She still doesn't talk, but she is vocal...she'll get there. She actually answers to her name now, and is much more social. Honestly, see her go from, essentially, a baby to an independent little toddler makes me want to cry. (But I won't, because I'm super manly and don't know how)

Anyways, that's my update. I hope to start posting more again.

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