Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm not dead

As I previously wrote, I've been out of town doing military crap. It was, as predicted, a complete waste of time. The only good thing is that my employer went ahead and paid me my full monthly salary, so I double dip a little. Well, and I also got my medical records examined, and the Army says I don't have to run anymore...which is good. I suck at running, and have a genuine illness that makes it extremely difficult for me. That is actually one of the reason I got into BJJ.

While I was gone, I got a copy of Saulo Ribero's excellent Jiu Jitsu University. This is, by far, the best martial arts book I've ever read. It is fully colored, with step by step pictorial instructions and methodology. I like that he explains the "why" behind the moves. In many martial arts books I've read, they have grain pictures with captions saying something like "punch to the face." The book is also organized in a concise, logical manner, where the foundations are built upon as you progress through the book. Professor Ribero goes in depth, and I actually learned quite a lot just by reading through the first section.

Still no gi. I ordered a black Fuji from MMAoutlet.com. Apparently, Fuji messed up their shipment and didn't send in any A2s. MMAoutlet, however, has been very responsive and did offer me a slight discount for my trouble. They promised to have it in the mail by tomorrow afternoon. I'm hoping to be able to wear it to class monday, because I'm tired of being the only guy without a gi. Eventually, I hope to become one of those bloggers that is qualified enough to give a product review...but it will be my first BJJ gi. In the future, I'll see if I've earned that qualification.

I am back at home, but decided to take this week off of training. While I was gone, I got severely behind on school work, house work, husband work, father work, and all other work. Plus, I don't have my gi. There is a local tournament in June that I'd love to get into, but it coincides with my daughter's first birthday. A man has to have his priorities.

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