Sunday, February 9, 2014

Roll-Fest 2014

So, yesterday I went to class and the instructor and I were the only ones there. Weather has been bad, so this isn't necessarily a surprise. He asked me if I had anything I wanted to work on, essentially offering me a private lesson. I couldn't think of anything, so I asked to roll and see if anything comes to mind.

He announced that we were going to do six 9-minute rounds. Excuse me? what?

I did two with him. The first round I was fairly aggressive, taking the initiative to get him in side control. I spent the rest of the time defending like a mad man. During our second round, a blue belt came in, so we kinda rotated out. Everybody did two rounds, then got a break. I ended up rolling only five times instead of six...but that was enough.

I'm pleased with the way my defense is coming along, especially against armbars. I've started using my feet when defending them. If I can't get a hitchhiker's escape, I'll rotate my legs up and use my feet to break their grips. Apparently, nobody has ever seen that before. I'm sure somebody else does it, just nobody at my school.

Anyways, it was a great learning experience, and really pushed my cardio...which is awesome. I'm getting fat again, so I need that.

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