Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm pretty bad at Jiu Jitsu.

Well, another monday class is down.

I hope that I start showing improvement soon. So far, when rolling, I get curbstomped. There is one guy there who claims to have started the same week as me, but he's really good. I think he's done BJJ in the past, because he was going really hard and putting people into shit we've never seen before. Nobody can do the stuff he's doing without actually having been instructed in it at some point.

So I call bullshit.

And I don't really like that when I ask him go easy (so I can work on position and technique), he decides to bum rush me, kick me in the nuts repeatedly, and generally act like a dick. I could actually tell by looking at the dude that he was going to act that way.

Anyways, we had our black belt in class today. He only comes in a couple times a week, so its always good when he comes in. He taught us a new guard pass and how to transition from being in guard, to side control, to rear mount. Drilling was beneficial.

I have realized that I'm not going to get better by just trying to fight my way out. That'll work on small people, but I need technique. I get tired too easily (due to CFS) to try to get in a prolonged struggle. Thats why I wasn't really interested in rolling at full speed.

I get the need for live resistance and rolling to get better, but development needs to be done incrementally.

Oh yeah! I checked on my gi today. The people at said that it should be in the mail tomorrow. I'm not going to get to use it before I go to my annual training, but it'll be good to have when I get back.

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