Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Too Aggressive

Another good class tonight.

I finally met the main instructor, a brown belt named Joe. He was really good, and decided to roll with me after I'd taken on an intermediate blue belt and a white belt with only a month or so on me. I did well against the blue belt, so I'm happy. He couldn't submit me, but i couldn't get him either. The female white belt was laughably easy, so I spent our time rolling to instruct her on how to pass guard. I'm no expert on it, but she was completely lost.

When I rolled with Joe, he pointed out what he called my "white belt mistakes". Namely, I was being too aggressive...which is odd because last week Paul told me to be more aggressive. Another lesson I learned was DO NOT LOCK YOUR HEELS IN THE REAR MOUNT! Ouch.

I had a lot of fun.

I'm looking forward to getting my gi, it should ship out sometime this week. I feel bad trying to get collar chokes on my sparring partners when I don't have a collar for them to choke back with. I'm going to get a patch made for it (see my avatar, the stylized jolly roger).

Oh! I also started a spreadsheet to track my training! I think it'll be a good tool.

Anyways, another good class.

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