Saturday, March 9, 2013

Keep Calm and Pirate On

Ok, so I finished my Les Mills Combat workout.
I lost a total of 11-12 lbs, and a few inches all around. I'm very happy with the results, because I didn't even follow the diet. Imagine what I could have done if I had the will power to tell pizza to fuck off.

Anyways, I've also, quite recently, stopped drinking all sodas completely. I'm drinking water and green tea exclusively. I also switched medications for low testosterone. I'm trying axiron now, and if that doesn't work, I'll start having to take shots.

I forgot to introduce myself in my last post. My name is Greg. I'm 27 and I'm from Kentucky. I work for the federal government as a contractor. I'm married to Amy, and we have an 8-month old daughter, Livvie. I also have a badass golden retriever, named Leonidas....or just Leo.

I went to class last night, even though I decided I'd probably only go twice a week. I wanted to check out different nights and see if there is a different format or anything. We went over two guard passes: The double under and the knee slide. I found them really easy, but again, I have previous experience.

Sometime during the drills, I pulled my groin a bit.

Despite being in a bit of pain, I participated in the live drills and sparring. My first sparring partner was Big Guy again. He came in late, changed, and hopped right in the the sparring, or rolling as its called in BJJ. I really need to learn some strategies for dealing with big mother fuckers, because he wiped the floor with me.

Then I rolled with the instructor, who is a senior blue belt and had 15 years of wrestling experience.
He's really good, and was instructing me the whole time we were rolling. I got a lot out of that, and he seemed impressed with some of the stuff I could do. He told me that for my third class, I'm doing better than he expected.

Again, I have a bit of experience, so I'm not brand new like most people just starting the class.

That said, I'm trying not to go into things with the mindset of "I know all this". The main advantage I've had, is I've had people try to choke me in live sparring before. Most of the new people have not, so they panic slightly when you get them in a bad situation.

Anyways, advil is awesome for a pulled muscle. Today I feel much better, so I'm hoping to be able to be at full tilt by tuesday.

Keep Calm and Pirate On!

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